Robin Van den Acker

Robin Van den Acker

Photographer & 3D artist

When my brother bought his first camera my first passion was born. I was eager to experiment and took photos of everything. Later I switched schools and started at the photography academy. My passion only grew during those three years. It was an easy decision to continue photography in college. To gain more in-depth knowledge and experience in photographing different objects in different ways. During college I came across what would later become my second passion: 3D. During the holidays I experimented with a lot of small projects. Finding a way to connect my photography with 3D. Nowadays these two passions make a perfect couple. After my photography graduation I was not ready with school yet. I wanted to specialize even further in 3D. During one extra year of college and six months of internship I really learned a lot about film, 3D and a little bit of coding. After school I got hired at The Fridge, where I also did my internship. It is a video post-production house where I started doing 3D but along the line I got more and more into film. I learned about motion graphics, editing, color grading, … You can always check my IMDb page.

As you can see I’m a person with many interests and I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

Christophe Luts

Photographer & story teller through video

Robin photography & 3D is one-man business working in a close teamwork with Christophe Luts! He is a friend and a colleague. We studied together for seven years. Ever since we both started our own company we have always helped each other out. We share opinions and give positive feedback to achieve perfection in our photographs. He puts more focus on product and portrait photography. Together with high-end retouching he really knows how to make an image stand out. Since three years now he also got into storytelling through video. This is a fairly new trend for businesses to showoff their brand or product in a short film. The film is fluid and combines graphics to tell your story. We do not want to make a boring company video. The latest addition of his services is flying a drone. The drone gives you views which are otherwise impossible to shoot from. This gives spectacular results.

For more information about Christophe, I highly suggest to check out his website by clicking here.


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This website was build in order to showcase my work. I hope you like it and if you do, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.


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